Cosmic Rebirth
Ozu, Wizard's Domain
Ozu was once a place of peace and prosperity, where technological marvels and magic coexisted in harmony. The people here lived their lives under the watchful gaze of the massive moon that hovered overhead, its bright light illuminating the gleaming spires and the intricate systems that kept the world running smoothly. However, all of that changed when the red-cloaked wizard appeared. The wizard was a figure of legend, said to possess immense power and control over the moon itself. Upon his arrival, the wizard took control of the world and its systems, ruling with an iron fist from his throne within the largest spire. Despite the initial fear, many of the world's citizens soon learned to respect and even worship the wizard, viewing him as a necessary force to keep the world in balance. But not all agreed with the wizard's rule, and a secret resistance movement began to form, determined to reclaim the world and its moon from the wizard's grasp.

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