Cosmic Rebirth
Xalax of the Many Moons
The planet of Xalax was a strange and beautiful desert world, composed of a network of tiny interconnected moons that drifted aimlessly through the endless sands. The moons were dotted with oases that housed strange and whimsical thriving communities. The most notable inhabitants of Xalax were the mischievous gangs of green aliens—the Baralokes—that roamed the dunes, their laughter ringing through the hot, still air as they pulled pranks on the unwitting inhabitants of the planet. Despite their dangerous antics, the little green aliens were beloved by all who lived on Xalax, their childlike joy and boundless energy providing a constant source of entertainment and delight. In this strange, surreal world of interconnected desert moons, life was an adventure, and each day brought new wonders and excitement.

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