Chill Boxes

Ho ho ho! 350 Chill Boxes are here to brighten your holiday season. A total of 5 box sizes, XS, S, M, L, and XL contain 50+ NFTs, Chill Headz merch, and 3500 $STARS in the boxes. The total prize pool is worth over 15k $STARS. The whole process is randomized. We will open the boxes LIVE on discord after the mint out. P.S. Each box contains a Chill Pet <3 (Chill Petz airdrop will take place in January)

Created by: stars1wt...na3g

Number of NFTs
Percent minted
Whitelist 34
Sale Price 89 STARS
Max 1 token
Public sale
Price 89 STARS
Max 3 tokens